Detective Division 

The Vero Beach Police Department Detective division is comprised of two general areas of expertise.

The first area is the General Crimes unit. This unit is responsible for the investigation of all crimes including criminal mischief to homicide. It is comprised of four detectives who handle all cases assigned for investigation excluding financial crimes.

Cases involving financial or identity theft are investigated by a specially trained investigator.

The second area is the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). This unit is primarily responsible for "vice" related crimes within the city limits of Vero Beach.

Crime Scene
The Crime Scene Unit concists of highly trained technicians, all of whom are expertly proficient in the use of specialized equipment and procedures associated with forensic identification based techniques. The CSU was created to address concerns that have become more prevalent in today’s society.

Property and Evidence
The Property and Evidence technician is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the integrity in the chain of possession. This information is maintained in a computer data system, that includes cases that range from simple vandalism to homicide.