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The Vero Beach Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Vero Beach Police Department employees are required to provide service that transcends community expectations.  Highly skilled and motivated individuals work in unison to form a cohesive team of professional law enforcement personnel dedicated to the community and each other.  

Integrity is crucial to maintaining a positive work environment and reputation within the community.  Respect for our department and its members are a priority to every employee.  Through integrity, trust is developed providing a key element for our community partnership, strong leadership, to the community.  If you believe in these qualities, and feel you have what it takes, then come and join our team of professionals for a rewarding career in law enforcement.

Sworn-Officer Hiring Prerequisites
All police applicants must meet the following criteria:

Recruiting Questions

Q. Do you allow citizens to ride with your officers?
A. “Ride-a-longs” are allowed on a limited basis. Typically, they are granted to certified officers and applicants with conditional offers of employment. Each request is viewed on a case-by-case basis however.

Q. What are the eligibility requirements to be assigned a take home police vehicle?
A. - Completion of probationary period.
- Seniority
- Must reside within 30 miles from the city limits of Vero Beach

Q. How are your patrol cars equipped?
A. The Vero Beach Police Department equips each Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicle with a mobile data terminal computer, shotgun rack, mobile video camera, strobe lighting package, Code 3 light bar and siren equipment. Radar units are also available to officers who are certified.

Q. What type of firearm do Vero Beach officers carry?
A. Officers are issued a Glock .45 pistol. Shotguns and rifles are also available.

Q. How long is your field-training program?
A. The field-training program (FTO) is 9 weeks long.

Q. How much in-service training do your officers receive?
A. A recent survey revealed that the average law enforcement officer in the state of Florida receives only 44 hours of in-service training each year. Vero Beach officers receive approximately 68 hours of in-service training each year.

Q. When will I be eligible for a specialized unit?
A. It depends on the specialized unit. Officers must be off probation before consideration for a specialized unit. Probation lasts for one year after passing the state exam.

Q. Do you hire lateral transfers?
A. Yes, but the certification and training requirements differ depending on if you are transferring from within or from outside the state of Florida.

Q. Must I attend the police academy if I am certified in another state?
A. It depends. The state of Florida offers “The Equivalency of Training” process to officers who qualify. The program is designed for Out-of-State/Federal Officers and/or previously certified Florida officers with a four-year or more break-in-service. The training is mandated by statute (FSS 943.131(2), and Florida code Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C. 11B-35.009(4)(5).The Equivalency of Training process is an avenue by which an officer can request an exemption from the full academy. More information about this program can be obtained by going to the following link:

Q. How do I obtain a Florida driver’s license?
A. For information on obtaining Florida driver’s license, go to the following link:

Q. How long does the hiring process take?
A. It varies. Each candidate is treated as an individual and the length of time it takes depends on several factors. The needs of the department, whether or not the applicant lives in Florida, and whether or not the applicant is certified all effect the process. Generally speaking, the hiring process can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

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If you have further questions please contact Lt. Dan Cook (772) 978-4620 or email dcook@vbpd.org.